Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

  • Dos And Don'ts Of At Sea Burials Of Your Cremains

    If you or a loved one has always loved the sea, you may dream of an at-sea burial following your cremation. You can spend eternity in the deep blue sea by distributing your ashes this way. The only thing you have to do is make sure you follow the rules. Here are a few dos and don'ts of at-sea burials. Dos Of At Sea Burials Under the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries issued a general permit from the EPA outlining numerous rules and regulations of at-sea burials.

  • 3 Unique Ways To Add Moon & Stars To Gravestone Monuments

    The gravestone design you choose for a family member or yourself can reflect their interests and personality. Many people love outer space. A love for outer space could include stars, the moon, astrology, or exploration of the great unknown. No matter what the reason, you can honor a person's love for space with gravestone monument designs. Learn about some creative ways to infuse star and moon designs into a gravestone and create a memorial that you can visit for years to come.

  • Discover The Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral Services

    For many people, the idea of planning their own funeral services never even crosses their mind. This is quite unfortunate since the decision to pre-plan your own funeral services with the help of a local funeral home can actually be quite beneficial for both you and your family. Continue reading below to discover the benefits that you and your family can expect when taking advantage of pre-planned funeral services. #1: Pre-Planned Funeral Services Can Be More Affordable

  • Artistic Expressions For Cremation Memorials

    Cremation memorials tend to bring to mind the thoughts of urns and small memorial gatherings. Over time, there has been an increase in popularity in artistic expressions for cremation memorials. Artists around the world offer various options for cremation remains, long-lasting memorials, and cremation art services. Here are a few of the options that may be available to you through your funeral home and their network of service providers.  Glass Pens

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When my mom passed away, my dad and I were charged with the task of planning a funeral that everyone would love. Unfortunately, this would prove to be a difficult task, since many of my mom's relatives didn't speak English. We mulled over what to do, and we decided to meet with the funeral director for a few tips. He told us a few ideas for how to make the experience easy for everyone to understand, and we implemented his suggestions. It was incredible how much easier it made things on the day of the funeral. Read here for more funeral arrangement tips so that you aren't left stressing about more than you need to.