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Planning A Beautiful Service

Artistic Expressions For Cremation Memorials

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Cremation memorials tend to bring to mind the thoughts of urns and small memorial gatherings. Over time, there has been an increase in popularity in artistic expressions for cremation memorials. Artists around the world offer various options for cremation remains, long-lasting memorials, and cremation art services. Here are a few of the options that may be available to you through your funeral home and their network of service providers. 

Glass Pens

Fountain pens have always held a special place in some people's lives. They can represent a number of things including the memory of a person and their life. One fountain pen option is actually a pen made of blown glass. Glass artisans can utilize their talents and create hand-blown glass fountain pens that contain the cremains of your loved one. This can give you a lasting memory as well as a useful tool for journaling, writing, or to use for special occasions. 

Stained Glass Pieces

Stained glass comes in many forms and options. One of the things you may not think of when it comes to stained glass is its ability to become a cremation memorial. A stained glass artisan can work the cremains of your loved one into the glass and iron to create an image that is a true memorial. These memorials can come in various designs with popular options being a symbol that may represent your loved one, a family coat of arms, or a small cross or other religious symbols. 


A portrait of your loved one is an ideal memorial in many ways. You will have that image to look at and to pass down from generation to generation. You can make it more of a lasting memorial if you find the right painter or artisan. There are many artisans who are moving toward using cremains in their designs for memorials. This option offers clients the ability to have both a visual reminder of their loved one and a lasting physical reminder as well. Keep in mind, this does not affect the colors you choose for the paintings or the final result of the painting if it is being taken from an existing photograph. 

If there is a specific artistic expression you would like to have for your loved one's cremation memorial, consider discussing the idea with your funeral director. They can guide you to the right artisan or group that handles the specific type of cremation memorial you want. They may also be able to offer you the option as part of a pre-paid cremation package through the crematorium or funeral home of your choice. 

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