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Planning A Beautiful Service

3 Unique Ways To Add Moon & Stars To Gravestone Monuments

Cherly Fox

The gravestone design you choose for a family member or yourself can reflect their interests and personality. Many people love outer space. A love for outer space could include stars, the moon, astrology, or exploration of the great unknown. No matter what the reason, you can honor a person's love for space with gravestone monument designs.

Learn about some creative ways to infuse star and moon designs into a gravestone and create a memorial that you can visit for years to come.

1. Negative Space Cutouts

A negative space gravestone cut-out includes a flat gravestone with a cut-out opening down the middle of a specific shape or style. You could feature a cutout shape of a star that sits in the center of the gravestone. The star shape will stand out and allow daylight to flow through.

At night, if the gravestone stands tall, you could angle the cutout to see the stars through the opening. Along with a star, you may consider a crescent moon cutout in the gravestone. The curved shape of the moon can create a nice design that stands out. The cutout design works best on darker gravestone finishes like black stone.

2. Star & Moon Shapes

The shape of the gravestone itself can represent a star or a moon. For example, you could order a custom-cut gravestone in the shape of a star with a thick base to ensure the gravestone stays balanced. The center of a star leaves plenty of room to add text or details about the person.

A moon shape could include a full circle gravestone or a large gravestone cut into a crescent shape but with plenty of room to still fit the text. Airbrushed and laser etched designs could add the textured look of a moon's surface to the design.

3. Laser Etched Collages

Laser etching has allowed gravestones to feature a wide range of details and design options. For example, you could add a whole collage of laser-etched stars on the background of a gravestone. If a loved one had a favorite constellation, you could add the design directly to the gravestone and showcase all of the stars within the constellation.

A black gravestone allows you to pick a whole star collage design, which could include stars, the moon, and even planets. Choose a specific location on the gravestone for the design or the whole monument to feature the collage.

Take your time to pick out a design and style that will honor your loved one and have a timeless quality. For more information on how to decorate monuments, contact a professional near you.


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