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Planning A Beautiful Service

A Look At The Primary Benefits Of Granite Grave Monuments

Cherly Fox

Are you in the process of picking out the best headstone for your own cemetery plot or the plot of a loved one? The choices can make the process feel a bit intimidating, but one common choice is always a good option: granite memorial markers. Check out a few of the most noteworthy benefits of granite grave markers. 

Granite Is a Highly Versatile Material  

Granite stone is naturally available in an array of hues and color tones. The rock can hold different colors depending on where it is harvested and its precise mineral makeup. Therefore, you have the liberty to choose from stones in a multitude of shades. Further, the stone can be polished to provide a high level of shine or a deep satiny sheen. The stone can also be treated with chemicals to create a more matte finish. And, a granite grave headstone can be hewn and cut into a litany of different shapes. 

Granite Is Exceptionally Durable and Withstands Weathering 

When compared to other forms of natural stone, granite is one of the most durable available. This makes the material work really well for grave markers because the stone has the potential to last indefinitely. The finish is relatively resistant to dings, scratches, and scuffs, does not deteriorate easily, and is not vulnerable to high levels of UV exposure. Further, the rock has a high impact resistance and can withstand an incredible amount of direct force. Marble, sandstone, and other grave marker choices are not always quite as resilient. 

Granite Requires Very Little Long-Term Maintenance 

The finish of a granite grave headstone is smooth and durable, but this also makes the material very easy to maintain. Most dust and debris will simply roll off the stone with just a bit of water, which means the stone will be rinsed clean every time it rains. In the event a granite marker needs cleaning attention, you can simply slough away any accumulated residue with a soft wet cloth. 

Granite Is a Readily Available Natural Material 

Granite is one of the most common natural stones that can be found in just about every place on the planet. This natural rock is highly abundant, and the amount harvested to make granite markers is minuscule compared to how much is available. Further, installing a granite headstone will mean you are choosing a natural rock type that will not cause harm to the surrounding environment. 

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