Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

Great Custom Funeral Services Families Should Consider

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After a loved one passes on, you may be in charge of their funeral. If you want it to be special, you have access to a lot of custom funeral services. Here are just some you might consider. 

Lantern Release

In some cultures, it's symbolic to realize lighted lanterns after the loss of a loved one. The lanterns represent their spirit passing on to the other side. A lot of funeral homes are starting to offer lantern release services. 

If you're looking for a special way for close family members to get involved in the funeral, then this might be a special ceremony to consider. You just need to find a funeral home that offers it and then figure out when the best time would be to release these lanterns. It might be at the very end of the funeral for instance. 

Tribute Video

In order to make a funeral more personal to the person who passed on, your family might want to make a tribute video that's played during the funeral. The video can show pictures and videos of the loved one while they were alive. This will give everyone the chance to remember the loved one and see firsthand what type of person they were. Your family also will have the chance to show the best parts of the loved one, so that you can always have something positive to look back on. You might even make this tribute video available to anyone who wants it.

Custom Casket 

If you plan to bury a loved one after they pass on, then you'll need to pick out a casket. There's nothing more special than investing in a custom casket for them. Then you can design this casket according to what your loved one would have wanted.

You can work alongside a funeral home too to gain insights on what directions to go in. For instance, the funeral home can help you figure out what materials and visuals the casket should feature. You'll just need to provide them with your budget and special requests that you have in mind. Then the custom casket will come out perfect in the end.

If you ever lose a loved one and are put in charge of arranging their funeral, you might want to utilize custom services from a funeral home. Then you can make this ceremony all the more special for friends and family who end up attending. Contact a local funeral home to learn more about custom funeral services


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