Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

  • Essential Components Of An Obituary Program

    Saying goodbye after the death of a loved one is among the most painful experiences of life, yet it's also a time when some practical decisions must be made. Whether you're making the decisions on behalf of the bereaved or are currently dealing with grief head-on, these essential components to an obituary program will simplify the process to help you easily figure out the best ways to honor your loved one.

  • Three Times You Should Post On A Funeral Home's Website

    To better serve their clients, many funeral homes have interactive websites that provide information about their services, contact information, maps, directions and obituaries and calling hours for the deceased. Some even feature memorial pages and guest books and invite visitors to offer condolences or share memories online. Whether you plan to attend the funeral, can't attend or if you only found out after the funeral that the person passed away, here are three times you should post to the funeral home's online guestbook.

  • An Alternative Eco-Friendly Cremation Option

    Although cremation is typically a less expensive option than a traditional burial, it's not as eco-friendly as one would think. Many crematoriums use natural gas, which contributes to the greenhouse gas problem, and toxins are released into the air when metals or plastics that are on/in the body are burned. That doesn't mean you have to take cremation completely off the table. Here is an alternative cremation option to consider that may be more environmentally friendly than fire-based cremation.

  • Three Ideas For A Permanent Memorial After A Cremation

    With the cost of cremation running approximately a third of the traditional burial, greater numbers of people are opting for cremation. Though cremation is a budget-friendly alternative to a conventional burial, some friends and family members may be upset that they do not have a traditional grave to visit. Instead of a tomb stone for the departed, consider one of these permanent memorial ideas. 1. Plaque Individuals with a slew of friends and family members who want to regularly pay their respects are great candidates for a memorial plaque.

  • Get Through Your Grief With These Tips

    After a loved one has died, it is natural that you will grieve their loss. However, it is important to do what you can so that you aren't debilitated by your own grief. Here are some of the ways to make it through this difficult time. Take Care of Your Personal Needs When someone close to you has passed away, you may not feel the desire to take care of your own personal needs.

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When my mom passed away, my dad and I were charged with the task of planning a funeral that everyone would love. Unfortunately, this would prove to be a difficult task, since many of my mom's relatives didn't speak English. We mulled over what to do, and we decided to meet with the funeral director for a few tips. He told us a few ideas for how to make the experience easy for everyone to understand, and we implemented his suggestions. It was incredible how much easier it made things on the day of the funeral. Read here for more funeral arrangement tips so that you aren't left stressing about more than you need to.