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Planning A Beautiful Service

Three Ideas For A Permanent Memorial After A Cremation

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With the cost of cremation running approximately a third of the traditional burial, greater numbers of people are opting for cremation. Though cremation is a budget-friendly alternative to a conventional burial, some friends and family members may be upset that they do not have a traditional grave to visit. Instead of a tomb stone for the departed, consider one of these permanent memorial ideas.

1. Plaque

Individuals with a slew of friends and family members who want to regularly pay their respects are great candidates for a memorial plaque. Plaques are available in classic burial locations, such as cemeteries and mausoleums. Mourners have a place to remember their friend or loved one, and they can even bring flowers and other trinkets to place on or near the plaque. The plaque's design and engraving can also be personalized with a special quote or custom image.

If an individual was passionate about a hobby or pastime in life,  you may be able to purchase plaque in a locale that reflects these interests, such as a sporting arena or a park. Some establishments offer memorial plaques in exchange for a donation.

2. Remembrance tree or garden

A remembrance tree or garden adds beauty to the world after the death of a loved one. This type of memorial is ideal for those who want a "green" memorial that helps the environment. It is simple to let this memorial idea reflect the personality of the deceased by selecting his or her favorite type of flower or tree. Mourners have a tranquil spot to pray and contemplate happier times.

Some communities offer memorial gardens where you can add a plant or tree for your loved one. Another possibility is to plant the tree or garden yourself on your own private property. This way, you have complete control over its care and can integrate items to make the space more comfortable, such as a bench.

3. Painting or piece of art

A new method of painting combines the ashes of the deceased with craft paint. After adding the ashes to the paint, the paint has a gritty texture. The paint is then used to make a unique creation that serves as a memorial piece. Portraits and landscapes are both popular ideas. Paintings may be completed in color or black and white, though some may prefer black and white paintings due to the somber appearance. Ashes may also be mixed with glue or resin to create an abstract piece of art.

If a loved one prefers cremation services, keep his or her memory alive with a permanent memorial. Permanent memorials are terrific alternatives to traditional graves that allow you to select a piece that truly reflects the life and personality of the deceased.


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