Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

How You Can Turn Your Loved One's Ashes Into A Masterpiece

Cherly Fox

Honoring and remembering the life of a deceased loved one can be one of the best ways to heal your grief. For many people, however, it is hard to honor and remember their loved while standing over a grave in a cemetery because all there is to remind them is a grave marker and an engraved name. A cemetery brings to mind coldness, fear and the memory of your loved one's casket being lowered into the ground. Cemetery burials produce memories for some people that are too horrendous and harsh, a memory that many people try to forget. For this reason, learning more about how to have your loved one's remains at home with you in unique way is a good idea.

A Painted Portrait Of Your Deceased Loved One

You may have several photographs and videos of your deceased loved one, but having a painted portrait hanging above their urn can be special. The painted portrait can be even more special when the ashes of your loved one are mixed into the paint used to create the portrait. If this sounds like an option for your loved one's ashes for you, you should know that only a small amount of the ashes are mixed into the paint. The remaining ashes you can store in a beautiful urn underneath the area where the portrait will hang. You might consider choosing an urn that will match the colors or styles of your deceased loved one's portrait, providing a decorative memorial for your loved one in your home where there are no bad memories of a cemetery burial.

A Portrait Can Be A Therapeutic Conversation Piece

When family and friends visit your home that knew your deceased loved one, you and them can reflect on that person more easily when he or she is painted in a large portrait. Knowing a part of that person is in the paint makes it special and more endearing, giving you a topic to discuss about your loved one that can ease open the conversation about that person. This can be especially helpful for family or friends having a hard time dealing with the loss of that person. Talking about the good memories of that person is the first step to healing grief.

When you lose someone you love and that person is placed in a grave at a cemetery, he or she is gone. When you can have a physical part of that person at home, it makes it easier to grieve over your loss, especially when the remains are in painted portrait of that person. Contact a business, such as the American Cremation Society, for more information. 


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