Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

4 Ways Technology Is Changing The Look Of Funerals

Cherly Fox

While the tradition of funerals often remains constant, technology has brought some new innovations that help to provide comfort for grieving friends and families. Here are just a few advances to keep in mind when planning a funeral service for a loved one.

Live Streaming Funeral Services

Live streaming makes it possible for friends and family from all over the country to be present at the funeral services without having to travel. Ask the director about different options that might be available, such as arranging a several webcams around the room so at-home viewers can see everything happening in the room.

Online Guest Books And Memorial Pages

Many funeral homes offer access to an online guestbook where friends can share memories or leave condolences. This creates a space you can visit for years to come when you want to read comforting words about your loved one. The guestbook is also helpful for friends of the deceased who live out of town and want to pay their respects.

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations at funerals offer a unique way to eulogize a loved one. By preparing a video or slideshow ahead of time, you can honor the deceased without having to speak in front of a large group. Your funeral home director can help you prepare the presentation, or you can create it yourself. Make a list of songs that you feel are appropriate, and collect images or home video that you would like to have in the presentation. This will make it easier for you or the funeral home director to create the video. Be sure that the funeral home has the correct audio/visual equipment so you can show the video to those in attendance.

Online Funeral Planning

It is now possible to plan an entire funeral without stepping foot in a funeral home. Some funeral home groups offer online planning options that let you choose the funeral services or cremation online. While some funeral homes offer just the basic packages, others have a full menu of add-on options that let you customize the funeral service and arrangements to fit your family's needs. You can also purchase floral arrangements through online florists or through your funeral home, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to plan a funeral while you are grieving.

Technology is changing the way people plan and attend funeral services. While they still retain much of the classic funeral traditions, today's funeral homes are finding unique ways to take advantage of technology. Contact a funeral home in your area, such as Bolton & Lunsford Funeral Homes, for more information.


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