Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

Similarities And Differences Between Cremation And Embalming Services

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If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of funeral options available. However, the two most common types of funeral services are the standard embalming of a body or cremation. Here a few similarities and differences between the two services so that you can effectively compare them:

Memorial Service

A memorial service can be performed for a cremation as well as for a body that has been embalmed. During the service, pictures and other memorabilia can be displayed to remind the loved ones of joyful moments experienced with the deceased during life. 

However, in the case of an embalmed body, the body can be displayed for viewing during the funeral. Still, this may not be a suitable option if the body was partially destroyed by injury. In such cases, if embalming is preferred, a closed casket funeral may be performed. With a cremation, an urn containing the ashes of the deceased is usually present during the service.


The cost of an embalming preparation is generally higher than the cost associated with a cremation. This is because there are several different things required for an embalmed body. For one thing, the funeral home will generally prepare the body cosmetically. Caskets and dressing the body as requested are other things that incur costs. Also, an embalmed body must be buried or placed in a vault. A burial plot, the actual grave preparation and a tombstone all generally raise the cost.

With a cremation, the body is subjected to extremely high temperatures that convert the remains in to ash. The ashes can be maintained in an urn or other suitable container, which can be kept in the home of a loved one or scattered at a desire site. The only costs associated with this method are the actual cremation and the urn.

Time Involved in the Preparation of the Remains

For a cremation, the time involved in preparing the remains is generally small. Cremation can be performed within a few hours.

Preparation of an embalmed body usually takes at least a few days. Ordering the casket and the preparation of the body to suit the requests of the loved ones can be more time-consuming.

Cremation and embalming services can be delayed if authorities believe that a crime may have been involved in the death of the deceased. In such a case, the coroner must release the body before embalming or cremation can occur.

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