Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

Four Tips For Planning A Funeral

Cherly Fox

When planning a loved one's funeral is your responsibility, it can be hard dealing with the emotional and financial burden. However, it also gives you the opportunity to give your loved one a funeral that will help others remember them and move on after their passing. Here are some tips to follow when planning a funeral.

Follow the Deceased's Wishes

Considering the deceased's wishes should always be first priority when you are planning their funeral. You may not be able to have it exactly as they requested, but try your best. When a loved one dies, contact their lawyer and find out if they had a will. It is possible that they provided some insight into what they would like, such as a cremation versus a burial. They might have wanted a certain song played or requested their ashes to spread in their favorite vacation spot. You may also find that they already pre-planned and paid for some of the funeral arrangements.

After reading through their will, ask their friends and loved ones for advice about the funeral. It is possible that the deceased's children, neighbor, or cousin had a conversation with them about this very thing and has some more insight.

Choose Between Cremation and Burial

If you are not sure what the wishes of your loved one were, the first thing you need to decide is if you should bury them or have them cremated. Keep in mind that you can have a funeral or memorial service in either case; just because you choose cremation, doesn't mean you can't have a nice service for them. Some families choose to have a traditional funeral and viewing prior to cremating the body. This allows loved ones to say goodbye but also cremates the body as their loved one requested.

Include Important Details on the Invitation

Be very clear with the details and what is expected when you are writing up the invitations. If this is an adults-only funeral, put that on the invitation. You don't want families showing up with young children if you would rather it be a quiet, and adults-only affair. Also include information about the type of occasion and the dress code. With memorial services, some are casual while others are formal, so include as many details as you can.

Get Advice and Suggestions from Friends and Family

It is always a good idea to ask their friends and family about funeral arrangements. Just because you are the person in charge of planning, doesn't mean you shouldn't get other opinions. Perhaps a relative has a good idea for a place where you will have the memorial service, or the spouse has a specific casket in mind.

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