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Planning A Beautiful Service

What Sort Of Flowers Are Appropriate For A Funeral?

Cherly Fox

If you know someone who has past on, then you are going to want to send flowers to their funeral. If you are unsure about what type of flowers to send, this article is going to help you decide. There are some flowers that have traditionally been used at funerals. There are even traditions when it comes to color. Certain flowers are appropriate for funerals, but only if you use the correct color.

Here is a list of the most traditional flowers for funerals and some info about them.


Lilies are perhaps the most traditional of all funeral flowers. You might even associate the scent of lilies with funeral homes. Odds are, if you have ever been to a funeral, you will have seen a lily arrangement. A very traditional choice is the white Calla Lily. These lilies have a flute like structure, unlike other common lilies. If, however, you prefer Asiatic lilies, these are also acceptable. They would work well in an elegant vase. An arrangement of white and yellow Asiatic lilies would be very respectful.


Roses are another common flower for funeral arrangements. They will often be arranged in a spray top of the casket. The two popular colors for funerals are white and red. White symbolizes peace and tranquility, while red expresses love and sorrow.

These are also perfect for a small arrangement if you are on a budget. A dozen roses in a small vase makes a very respectful arrangement.


If you are looking to send a large, standing, floral arrangement that is shaped into a heart, or other design, then carnations are a perfect choice. You could use a base of white carnations and then accent the heart with red carnations or even red roses.


If you want a large, beautiful flower, then the hyacinth is a great choice. While they are large and impressive, they are not inappropriate for a funeral. You should choose a purple or white color. These flowers act well in a vase that has a mix of flowers.

Don't Rule Out Personal Favorites

You should never overlook the individual's personal favorites. If the deceased loved orchids, or tulips, then those are the flowers you should send. Even if the flower is not traditionally used at a funeral services, it is perfectly acceptable to send them. You don't even have to stick to traditional funeral colors. If the deceased loved orange tulips or spotted orchids, then these are the flowers you should get. For more information, contact the funeral home where the funeral will be held (such as Clark Funeral Home Inc).


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