Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

Reducing The Costs Of Your Cremation Services

Cherly Fox

Though a cremation service is usually significantly less expensive than a burial service, it can still be a little more expensive than you expect. Whether you're trying to make your own final arrangements or trying to arrange something for a family member, there are some ways that you can compensate for the cost. 

Consider a Temporary Casket

A casket is usually only used for a viewing -- and then it is replaced with a temporary, cardboard casket which is then cremated with the body. Consequently, you really don't need to invest in a cremation casket. Consider just using a temporary, inexpensive casket for the actual funeral service. It is not going to be used during the cremation regardless. And if you're not going to have a viewing or visitation during the service, you might want to forego one altogether.

Look Into Insurance Accounts

Many people aren't actually aware how much insurance they have. This is because people can have life insurance through multiple venues. Employers, credit cards and even retirement accounts can come with a small amount of life insurance -- and when these amounts are stacked, you can sometimes get away with not paying much for a cremation service at all. Make sure that you connect with all of the involved insurance companies, even if you don't think they are directly related to funeral expenses. And if you're planning ahead for your own funeral, keep your documents together so that your family members can find them easily.

Have the Funeral Quickly

Embalming itself can cost a few hundred dollars -- as can having a viewing or visitation. If you have the funeral quickly and have the service in an informal area, such as at a family member's house, you can save a significant amount of money. This money can then be spent on more permanent items, such as the urn or the headstone. Embalming is not necessary for a funeral, let alone a cremation; in fact, it's often considered to be much "greener" to have a cremation without embalming chemicals. 

Your funeral home can help you if you are having a problem paying funeral expenses. Often you can set up a payment plan so that you can get the funeral that you and your family member would want without breaking the bank. And if you're arranging your own funeral in advance, you should know that you can often save a lot of money by making all of the arrangements as a single package.


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