About Wendy

I am a yoga teacher, bodyworker, writer, sensitive/creative, food whisperer, channeler, and human being. What I do goes way beyond the limited contemporary notions of what happens in a yoga class. I have been trained to listen and to reflect; to relate with integrity and to hold space for possibilities beyond the scope of what is already known. This is transformational, spiritual, practical work based on the learning and wisdom of a long line of yoga masters, who are and were amazing human beings, just like you and me (scroll down to see my lineage, below).

I teach yoga and polarity in groups, privately, and in a variety of teacher trainings and specialty workshops, including the Sutras, kriya meditation techniques, and tantric philosophy.

In my private work with individuals, I do Polarity sessions that include some yoga tools, and yoga sessions that include some energywork. I am always listening for what is the energy behind your story and how does it relate to your unique expression in the world. Because I am a believer that the challenges in our lives create the conditions for our growth, I am skilled at identifying the challenges and helping to make the connections that lead to new resources and change.

In my work with groups, I am committed to helping people to experience what it means to create real community with one another. Using the tools of shared creativity, guided interactions, dharma talk, and a variety of meditations and meditative techniques, I hold space for people to be in authentic relationship with one another. I facilitate experiences of this kind of cooperative, enlivened, and creative community in a variety of settings, including gatherings, workshops, and retreats for corporate, non-profit, or private groups.

This work requires that I attempt to live these practices in my own life as if I were taking care of a sacred gift. Writing is my way of singing the song of this journey, breathing with what is in my mind, and offering back what comes up for me as I live and teach. I use writing as a tool in working with people, and I am available to help you articulate your mission in words that come as close to your truth as possible.

Yoga classes, teacher trainings, and workshops are at ISHTA Yoga in Manhattan, and at The Table in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn; Polarity Therapy training is at the Yoga and Polarity Center in Malverne, NY, and at The Table. Private yoga and polarity sessions are in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Corporate, non-profit, and private group trainings and facilitated retreats are available by request and can be held at The Table in Brooklyn or at your site. For more information, please contact me directly at wendynewtonyoga@gmail.com.

Lineage and Teachers

I am indebted to two teachers in particular:

The ISHTA Lineage

Alan Finger, Kavi Yogiraj in the ISHTA Yoga lineage, has been my guru and guide in learning a heart centered, life-affirming perspective on the Yoga Vedanta of Swami Sivananda, my early guide in the ethers.

Swami Sivananda

My work with Alan, who initiated me into the ISHTA lineage of yoga masters (Yogiraj), is taking the form of a long, personal, mind-blowing and heart-opening discussion on a tantric interpretation of the Yoga Sutras, which I hope will soon become a book.


Heather Principe, whom I met in 2000 during a transitional moment in my life at the Sivananda ashram and with whom I have been studying and working ever since, has been an influence without which I would certainly not have made it this far. She continues to teach me about the paradigm of the four directions and how it relates to the five elements of yoga. Her wisdom has given me the anchor of the earth-based teachings of the medicine lodge and the keys to applying the energetics of yoga in the real world.

Wendy Newton, E-RYT, RPE

January, 2014