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Planning A Beautiful Service

Dust To Dust: 4 Special Ways To Care For Your Loved One's Ashes

Cherly Fox

If your loved one has recently passed away and they wanted to be cremated, you might be left wondering how to honor their memory. It's nice to know that there are many beautiful and unique ways to preserve ashes in a dignified and loving manner. If you don't want to scatter your loved one's ashes, you don't have to. Here are several special ways you can honor your loved one and hold on to their ashes.

Up from the Ashes

If your loved one was happiest when they were outside communing with nature, there's no better way to honor them than by making them a part of the nature they loved so much. Biodegradable urns can be made out of your loved one's ashes. Once the urns are created, seeds are placed in them. You'll enjoy the beauty of nature as a beautiful tree rises up from your loved one's ashes.

Keep Them Nearby

If you're going to miss the closeness of your loved one, perhaps you should consider a teddy bear urn. These cuddly urns are soft like ordinary teddy bears but inside they contain a hidden urn that will keep your loved one's ashes safe and secure. This is also a touching way to remember a child who has passed away.

Diamonds are Forever

You might not realize this, but your loved one's ashes can be used to create beautiful synthetic diamonds. Your loved one's ashes can be carefully collected and used to process a beautiful gem that will last forever. Because each person's ashes are different, so are the diamonds that are created using this process. You can have one single diamond created, or you can have several created to share with loved ones.

Time to Remember

If you want a lasting way to remember the time you spent with your loved one, consider placing their ashes in a keepsake hourglass. You can have the hourglass custom designed to your specifications. Once the hourglass is completed, it can be filled with your loved one's ashes. You'll remember all of the precious moments you spent together each time you look at your hourglass.

Losing a loved one is never easy. If your loved one wished to be cremated, you may want to find the perfect way to preserve their ashes. The suggestions provided above will allow you to remember your loved one in a truly unique and personal way. Work with a cremation service for more ideas.


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