Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

Helpful Tips for Saving Money When You Are Arranging a Funeral

Cherly Fox

If you are getting ready to start arranging a funeral, you might find that you are starting to wonder what everything is going to cost and if it will be affordable with the budget that you have. To help save money, you need to take a look at the following tips.

Limit the Number of Viewing Days

While it would be nice to have as many days of viewing as possible, you will want to remember that you have to pay for each day you reserve one of the rooms in the funeral home for the viewing. In order to help cut down on the cost of everything, you may want to opt for a single day of viewing. This way, everyone will still be given their chance to pay their respects, but you will not have to pay extra money for the additional days.

Choose Cremation over Burial

Even if burial is something that first comes to mind, you might want to consider the option of a cremation instead. Cremation can cut back on the cost of the entire funeral expense. You will not have to purchase an expensive casket, burial plot, or headstone. You will also not have to worry about the expense of the services used to have the burial plot dug up and then recovered with soil. You can still have a very nice viewing for your loved ones. Simply ask the funeral director about the option of a casket rental. This way, you can have one to use for the viewing but will not have to pay to purchase it, since caskets are not used in the process of cremation.

Pick the Headstone or Urn Later

You are already going to have a lot that is going to need to be paid for right away. However, if you are opting for a burial, the headstone might be able to wait until later if the cemetery does not require all graves to have them right away. If you are opting for a cremation, you can keep the ashes in the box that they come in when the funeral director has you pick them up. In both cases, you are giving yourself time to save more money and to hopefully find a better deal on prices. By not having to rush to buy a headstone or urn now, you will have a better shot at finding discounted headstones or urns that will be much more affordable for you.

Now that you are ready to save money on this process, you can get ahold of the funeral director of a funeral home such as Sosebee Funeral Home and start making the formal arrangements.


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