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Planning A Beautiful Service

Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Cherly Fox

Pre-planning your own funeral is something that's being talked about more and more often. There are a few major benefits to taking your funeral arrangements into your own hands. 

Relieve Your Grieving Family of the Burden

Pre-planning your funeral may bring up some uncomfortable emotions, but it helps to alleviate the discomfort of your family in the long run. Planning a funeral while mourning a death can be heart-wrenching; by planning your funeral ahead of time, you can save your family this burden and allow them to focus on grieving. 

Funeral How You Want It

You could look at your funeral as the last gathering you'll ever get to throw, and by planning it yourself, you can make sure that it's exactly how you would have wanted it. 

This also helps to take the pressure off of your family, as well. While they may agonize over trying to decide how you would have wanted your funeral service to go, you can help them out by explicitly laying out the details for your own ceremony. 

Getting Value

Planning your own funeral can help to save money for several reasons. First, it helps to avoid emotional overspending. Your family may decide to splurge on things your funeral doesn't need, and choose the best quality of everything offered, because they would feel guilty about choosing a budget option for their loved one's funeral. By picking the budget yourself, you can help them to avoid making too many purchases. 

There's often a time crunch that comes with many funerals, as well. Your family won't have a lot of time to look for the best deals if they need to plan a funeral with only a few days' notice. They may simply opt for the most convenient options, while you have more time to shop around and find the right pricing. 

The final component is mental and emotional fatigue. Your family may not have a lot of energy left to make good financial decisions when they are mourning the loss of a loved one. By planning the funeral ahead of time, you can have clear focus to decide what's needed and the best, most cost-effective way of doing things. 

If you are interested in getting started with pre-planning your own funeral, then locate a funeral home near you to begin the arrangements. A funeral director can walk you through the steps of planning and financing your funeral as well as communicating your wishes to your family at the right time. 


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