Planning A Beautiful Service

Planning A Beautiful Service

How To Plan Your Cremation Services

Cherly Fox

Are you planning your own funeral? Many people today are doing just that, and it's a very smart thing to do. Planning your own funeral  means that you can make all funeral arrangements yourself, thus removing a burden from those you leave behind.  If you have decided that you want to be cremated, you won't have anybody trying to talk you out of it because the decision will already have been made. 

Saying Farewell - The purpose of having a funeral to begin with is so that your loved ones can bid you farewell and so that they can have closure. Until that happens, they will have a difficult time going forward in their lives without you. Some people mistakenly believe that cremation does not allow that to happen. They think that there has to be an actual body for a viewing and then a burial. That's not true at all.

A Time To Know You Better - Since there will be no viewing, think of other ways you can be honored. Instead of a viewing, arrange for there to be a time of fellowshipping.

  • Ask a beloved friend or family member to arrange a display that depicts your life. A long table with memorabilia from your life will be a lovely way to tell a story.
  • For example, there could be a series of photographs depicting you as a baby, then a child, and on through your life until you got married, had children and continued your life through present time.
  • Include trophies, awards and items that represent your hobbies and interests in the display. If you are an artist, a crafter or a photographer, exhibit some of your work. If you were a teacher, display your credentials. If you love to travel, display photographs or the places you visited.

Plan The Service - Will your cremation services be held at a chapel, at home or at the site you have chosen for your final resting place?  Either way, it would be very appropriate to have the same type of services that you would have at a traditional funeral. 

  • Ask a close friend or family member to give the eulogy and to tell about your life. Don't forget to write down things that you want included in the talk. Anecdotes about you will add interest to your life story.
  • It would be very meaningful for you to write a letter that expresses appreciation, bears testimony of our beliefs, and that expresses affection to those who are left behind.
  • Don't forget music. Whether it's patriotic, religious, or any other kind of music, it will add something sweet to the cremation services.

It's very important for you to provide all paperwork dealing with your cremation services to those who will be in charge at the time of your passing. Don't forget to include fees that have already been paid or that will need to be paid. For more help in planning, reach out to a director at a funeral home like Final Care Cremation Services.


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Planning A Beautiful Service

When my mom passed away, my dad and I were charged with the task of planning a funeral that everyone would love. Unfortunately, this would prove to be a difficult task, since many of my mom's relatives didn't speak English. We mulled over what to do, and we decided to meet with the funeral director for a few tips. He told us a few ideas for how to make the experience easy for everyone to understand, and we implemented his suggestions. It was incredible how much easier it made things on the day of the funeral. Read here for more funeral arrangement tips so that you aren't left stressing about more than you need to.