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Planning A Beautiful Service

Choosing A Headstone As Part Of Your Funeral Planning: What You Should Know

Cherly Fox

Did you know that most cemeteries have rules and regulations regarding the headstones they will allow on their plots? You can be limited in the size, shape, and preferred design of the memorial you want for your grave site marker. This doesn't mean you can't choose the perfect memorial for your final resting place, you just have to make sure you follow a few rules. Learn how to choose the perfect headstone as part of your funeral planning, so your marker not only expresses your personality best, but is approved to be placed forever on your grave site.

Contact the cemetery

Before you do any memorial shopping, you should contact the cemetery where your plot is located and ask if there are any restrictions on the type of headstone or marker you can buy. You want to know the following:

  • if you can have personal items attached to your headstone
  • how large or tall your headstone can be
  • if any granite colors are not allowed
  • if custom-shaped headstones are allowed

Once you know what is not allowed for your headstone, you can begin shopping for the perfect style and design for you.

Types of headstones

Headstones come in many types. You can get a flat marker, which is often referred to as a grass marker, since it lays flat on the ground. A bevel headstone is designed to be nearly flush with the ground at the front and slightly raised in the back for easier access and viewing. If you want a tall headstone, the classic upright style comes in many heights and widths, and a slanted headstone has a leaning front face for unique appeal. Headstones can also be shaped in custom styles, such as a heart, cross, or even a circle.

Headstone materials

Granite is a popular material for headstones due to its natural luster and long-lasting durability. It also comes in many colors, including slate gray, purple, rose, and even brown. If you are choosing a flat marker, brass, marble, and slate are options you can consider as well. You can have a headstone designed with several materials if you wish, such as a granite style with brass bordering or lettering.

There are many styles and colors to choose from when designing a memorial for your grave site. As you shop for the perfect headstone for your personality and needs, make sure whatever you choose meets your cemetery's regulations so your marker doesn't get declined. Once you know the style and material you want for your headstone, you can make it personal with quotes, engraved images, and more to make it a perfect memorial for people to remember you by.

For more information, contact Pemi-Baker Memorials or a similar location.


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