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Planning A Beautiful Service

Four Unique Ideas For Personalizing A Grave Marker

Cherly Fox

Your loved one was a unique and special person who contributed something nobody else could have to the world. He or she deserves to be honored with a grave marker that includes more than just birth and death dates. Consider using one or more of these ideas to create a grave marker that will let anyone who visits your loved one's grave know what an endearing, inspiring person he or she was.

An image of a favorite pet, hobby or sport.

Perhaps your deceased loved one was a huge hockey or basketball fan. Maybe he or she loved dogs or horses. Having an image of something the deceased truly enjoyed carved on the grave stone is a good way to personalize it. Remember, the image does not have to be complicated. A simple outline of a symbol related to the activity or interest is enough to convey its importance.

Favorite song lyrics.

Was your loved on always humming a certain tune? Maybe he or she toured with a band when young, or maybe you were surprised at the size of the Beatles or Eagles memorabilia collection when you cleaned out your loved one's attic. Lyrics from the deceased's favorite song or a song by his or her favorite band will preserve this memory well. You could also have lyrics that remind you of the deceased inscribed on the grave stone.

A list of hobbies and interests.

Ask yourself what accomplishments you think your loved one would want to be remembered for. Was he or she a talented painter? A revolutionary in his or her career field? Consider inscribing, below your loved one's name, a list of his or her notable accomplishments. For instance, you could inscribe "Mary Smith: Noted painter, ornithologist, gardener, and baker of the best chocolate chip cookies in Texas." It's okay to use a little humor if it would be in line with the deceased's personality.

A personalized poem.

If you're a creative, poetic thinker yourself, consider writing a personal poem to include on the grave marker. It can be short and sweet, or long and detailed. You can write a poem that details the important events in your loved one's life, or one that focuses on a single important event -- it's up to you.

Your deceased loved one's memory will live on for centuries on his or her grave marker. Make sure you personalize the marker, using one of the ideas above, so others know just how special and important this person was to those left behind.

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